Just Good Business

The sourcing, manufacturing and promoting the use of sustainable raw materials was really the launching pad for our journey into the world of sustainability and our commitment to support our retail partners in their initiatives has now extended to exploring exciting and challenging ways in which we as a business can consume less energy and water and produce less waste.

Raw Materials

Here are some of the sustainable raw material options Ocean Lanaka can supply you and your customers…

Organic Cotton

If you choose to buy Organic Cotton then Ocean Lanka can supply your needs and together we can help to minimize harm to the planet and its people.

G.O.T.S Certified Organic Cotton

The Global Organic Textile Standard is perhaps the most recognized processing standard for textiles produced from organically grown cotton, encompassing social compliance as well as rigorous and considered environmental criteria.

GOTS (Downloadable Certificate)
Organic Exchange (Downloadable Certificate)

BCI Cotton

The Better Cotton Initiative, through environmental, social and perhaps most importantly economical sustainability, has set out to create a market for a prevailing commodity worthy of becoming mainstream.